Fashion Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Formed

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ROSEAU, Dominica — As a means of stimulating the growth and development of the fashion and design sector in the region, the OECS Competitive Business Unit (CBU) through its Creative Industries Sector Programme, has helped to facilitate the formation of National Fashion Associations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Association aims to become a viable entity operating in the fashion industry’s regional and global marketplace.

After months of various interventions by the CBU to support grouping of designers in the OECS Member State, along with the support of local partner Invest SVG, a national association has now been established — with the recent registration in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.Following the registration of the Fashion Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (FASVG), the newly elected president, Peta Odini Sutherland, noted:

“The idea of a Fashion Association was something which grew …as we started seeing the various opportunities available that could become more accessible via the creation of an association.”

She further emphasized that:

“Funding agencies and other partners were more prepared to deal with a grouping than with individuals and have shifted their resources to supporting cluster type projects.  An association therefore was the obvious next step that we would have to take in order to make the industry in St. Vincent more viable.”

Sutherland and her colleagues envision that the Association will serve as a means to bring the collective talent and skills of local designers together to solve the myriad of issues and challenges which impact the industry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the rest of the OECS.

“Many of our designers are self-taught, one-man/one-woman entities that I strongly believe, with the right access to resources, could develop into amazing brands to drive the industry forward,” Peta asserted.

The FASVG President affirmed her belief in collaboration and in building stronger partnerships, stating:

“It is my hope for the association to become a facilitator, through the development of stronger partnerships with agencies such as Invest SVG, the OECS CBU, Caribbean Export and others to provide well curated training and developmental programmes and projects which would ultimately help us build strong sustainable brands able to compete in the international marketplace.”

Sutherland shared via Instagram that the association which was formed in January, 2020 has been “the vision of fellow designer Kimya Glasgow for years and finally it has become a reality. (Then they went on to elect me as the president).. but since the responsibility has been given then I guess the work must be done. And this work is just about to start.”

The full executive of the FASVG is as follows:

  • Peta Odini Sutherland – President
  • Rhondel Dickson -Vice President
  • Christal Oliver – Treasurer
  • Kimya Glasgow – Secretary
  • Rachel Bailey – Director
  • Kimon Baptiste – Director
  • Ikesha Delpeche – Director
  • Shari Ollivierre – Director