“I have no intention at this time to be involved with any political organization” – Jomo Thomas

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Speaker of the House of Assembly and former Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate, Jomo Thomas has quit his position and does not intend to continue a career within the political environment.

Thomas who resigned from the position in October 2019, will vacate the position as of March 1 2020. March 26 is the anticipated date for his successor to occupy the seat. If this date is not met, Deputy Speaker of Assembly, Senator Carlos James will preside.

Speaking on his resignation, Thomas said he enjoyed his job, however, adding it is time for him to move on.

“That was a job that I enjoyed doing, that was a job that I know I did to the best of my ability, but it’s now time to move on.”

Thomas, who served as speaker for four years and two months, provided some advise to his successor.

“Be conversant with the standing orders, know the law of the country, be forceful but don’t make the parliament into a rigid place. There must be place for banter, there must be place for levity.”

“Whoever the person is, has to make sure that all decisions are transparent.”

Thomas shared that he thinks St. Vincent and the Grenadines has serious problems, and those are the items that should be addressed during parliament.

“This is a country with enormous problems, and when we meet and most often, the parliament meets once per month, most of that time should be spent confronting and addressing the serious problems which we have, with the hope that we will come up with solutions that all sides can respect and go forward with to ensure that St. Vincent is a better place.”

Thomas recollected a comforting experience he often encountered as House Speaker.

“There were times when parliamentarians from both sides were upset and I think that’s a good thing, it meant that neither one could persuasively charge that I was on one side or the other.”

Immediate plans for the former South Leeward candidate, following his departure from the post, do not include politics.

“I have no intention at this time to be involved with any political organization.”

Thomas noted that he intends to carry on pursuing law, which he has been a practicing since 1995, as well as continue his 19 year writing occupation.

“I am quite happy… I try not to look back.”