Stop the Abuse of Women and Children – March & Rally

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Ketesha Debieque-Davis, Guidance Counselor has set out to address Domestic Violence in SVG, specifically the abuse of women and children.

Davis, a Teacher and Counselor at the Spring Village Methodist School, recently shared that her goal is to establish an organization, one which abused women and children can benefit from.

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Ketesha Debieque-Davis

“My vision is to set up an organization to represent women and children, especially girls who have been abused.”

She noted that her slogan is “Code Orange SVG”, which she intends to make official.

“I plan to make that something official and possibly set up a 24-hour hotline for people who are abused, for those who do not know where to turn.”

Davis shared she has had abused relatives who’ve been afraid to speak out and therefore saw a need to do something.

“I have had relatives, close friends and neighbours who have been abused and never said anything and because it’s something that is ongoing, that I believe is getting worse in my opinion, I believe people are afraid sometimes to speak out and I decided, you know what… I need to give my voice to people who are afraid to speak out.”

“…And even the children who might not have the opportunity to say anything, do not know who to turn to, we are supposed to as a community, encourage them to confide in us.”

A march & rally, “Stop the abuse of women and children” is slated for Friday February 14th, 2020 at the Peace Memorial Hall from 4pm.

According to Davis, the rally will see a prayer session, facilitated by pastors from different denominations of SVG. Poems will also be recited children and adults.

“I am encouraging everybody, once you have an orange shirt or dress, dye your hair orange if you want to. You are all welcome to come on Valentines Day. You can forgo the red roses for now and support the venture.”