WEATHER: Brisk Wind-Flow Could Converge Across SVG

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SVG MET SERVICE: A wake cloud developed on the west coasts of Barbados Wednesday (Feb. 5) afternoon bringing showers across St.Vincent and some Grenadine islands into the night, which dampened the possibility of a ‘dry-spell’. A dry-spell is a succession of at least 7 consecutive dry-days and a dry day is a 24 hour period during which the rainfall total is less than 1 mm.

The Central Atlantic High Pressure System is dominant and shallow cloud patches moving along with its brisk wind-flow could converge across St.Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) maintaining a few showers later today and Friday (Feb. 7) into the weekend. Slight haze continues to thin out across our islands, but is expected to increase again during Sunday (Feb. 9).

Fresh to occasionally strong (30 – 45 km/h) breeze could vary between east northeast and east southeast this afternoon, with possibly higher gusts (near 55 km/h) tonight into Friday (Feb. 7). North easterly fresh trades should continue Friday (Feb. 7) into the weekend.                                                                   
Wave heights on the west coasts of SVG could rise to range 1.5 to 2.0 m, while the east coasts maintain moderate sea conditions with easterly swells up to 2.5m…Small craft-operators and sea-bathers should exercise caution for above normal swells and brisk winds.