“Boost immune system – Fruits available” (Ministry of Agriculture)

The Ministry of Agriculture is encouraging all churches and faith based organizations, producer co-operatives, sporting organizations, community groups, and any other civil society organization to ensure that their members distribute and share the following commodities which they may have current access to:

Oranges, limes, lemon
Wax apple
Golden apple

In participating in the national COVID 19 response, the Ministry of Agriculture will ensure that acting on the advice of the Ministry of Health, that the above listed fruits known to boost the immune system are readily accessible.

The Ministry wishes to thank all who continue to call to submit quantities and respective prices for the commodities listed above. This information will be provided to all supermarkets and shops on Monday, in the Ministry’s bid to establish an internal local fruit distribution system.

The Ministry will assist in facilitating the arrangements needed between suppliers and wholesalers/retailers to ensure internal trade.

The Ministry restates its encouragement to share these commodities at the community level and to ensure that all fruits are washed adhering to the highest standards of proper hygiene. This system must operate within the parameters of all the advice provided by the Ministry of Health.