Caribbean Airlines Gears Up For Coronavirus

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As cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to spread all over the world, Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is putting measures in place to ensure their readiness in case of any eventualities, LoopTT reports.

In a media release on Monday (Mar. 2), CAL announced that while none of their destinations have travel bans imposed on them, they’ve implemented a few things just to take precautions.

Measures include placing special safety kits on board all aircraft and at offices, monitoring the air quality in its aircraft cabins, continuing to ensure compliance with aircraft cleaning procedures, ensuring that all aircraft are properly sanitized at all ports, equipping employees with international guidelines on how to deal with any suspected cases of COVID-19, activating a special response team to monitor the situation in real time and promoting frequent handwashing practices amongst its crew members and passengers.

They’re also putting contingencies in place in the event of any future disruptions. CAL is permitting travellers on Caribbean Airlines with onward connections to or from mainland China, Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Singapore to rebook the Caribbean Airlines travel segment without change fees, subject to conditions.