Condoms sell out as people put them on their fingers to avoid getting coronavirus

CONDOMS have been selling out around the world as people believe they will help protect against coronavirus, TheSun reports.

As the coronavirus spreads, people are doing whatever they can to stay safe including putting condoms on their fingers.

Across the world, bemused shoppers have been sharing photos of empty condom shelves.

Facebook user Thanh Thai in Sydney posted a photo to the Ryde District Mum’s page of a condom shelf ransacked by anxious shoppers.

Next to the image she wrote: “Can anybody please tell me what happened.”

One user replied: “There has been some stupid post telling people to put condoms on their fingers to push buttons.”

Another described the trend as “ridiculous”.

According to TheSun, In Singapore, people have been taking snaps wearing condoms while pushing lift buttons in a bid to stay safe.

One local tweeted: “Condoms in Singapore sold out amidst coronavirus fear.

“Since Singaporeans have been using the condom as a protective measure when touching the elevator buttons in their apartments and other buildings to prevent being contaminated.”

Chinese e-commerce site Pinduoduo (PDD.O) said that condoms were among its ten most popular items sold, according to Reuters.

Around the world, people have been stockpiling various items as the deadly virus continues to spread.

Panic-buying due to the coronavirus has left many store shelves empty in Australia, as Woolworths has banned shoppers purchasing more than four packs of toilet paper per person.

Shoppers across Britain have also been stockpiling household items like toilet roll, pet food and hand sanitisers as panicked shoppers fear a coronavirus outbreak.

The deadly virus has spread across the globe like wildfire with dozens of new cases recorded daily, with the virus spreading rapidly in Europe and the Middle East.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause infections ranging from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars).

The virus attacks the respiratory system, causing pneumonia-like lung lesions.

According to the NHS and the World Health Organisation (WHO), early symptoms of coronavirus infection usually include a runny nose. a cough and/or sore throat and a high temperature.