Vincymas To Proceed Amid Coronavirus Concerns

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Many Vincentians have expressed concern about the staging of Vincymas 2020 considering the new COVID-19 that is fatally affecting the world. Concerns are heightened as the virus has reached the Caribbean region. Cases of the virus which originated in Wuhan, China have been recorded in the Dominican Republic, Martinique, Saint Martin and St Barts.

Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC), Ricky Adams addressed those concerns at the CDC’s Media Launch on Monday (Mar. 9) evening. Adams informed that preparations for Vincymas will continue until the Ministry of Health should advise otherwise.

“Unfortunately I believe that I am an expert at everything, fortunately, nobody else believes that. But the one thing that I know, is that, I’m not an expert in health and so when it comes to the question of the coronavirus and Vincymas, we have taken the decision that we will be guided by the health professionals, we will be guided by national policy and as such we are continuing to prepare for Vincymas as though it will  happen as it is scheduled to happen until advised otherwise.”

“…There is life after Vincymas and we are appealing to everyone as always, have fun, respect yourself, have an absolutely wonderful time.”

Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture, Hon. Cecil McKie emphasized that the government has taken necessary action to welcome visitors to SVG amid COVID-19 .

Hon. Cecil McKie

“This government has shown itself to be a responsible government over the 20 years of its existence, we have put the necessary protocols and procedures in place for welcoming persons by cruise, by yacht and through our airports.

“…For Vincymas 2020, we can expect that there will be continued announcements from the Ministry of Health, what we can do as a people to keep ourselves safe and healthy, what we can do in terms of preventing the COVID-19 coming to our shores and in the event that it comes to our shores, what we are ready to put in place to deal with those issues.”

The Cultural minister also reassured that festivals during Easter will too remain on the calendar as scheduled.

“You would hear from the Ministry of Health and of course from the Cabinet and the Government, what the developments are as it relates to COVID-19, but as it is now, we are continuing our preparations for all of our festivals. Next month we have Easterval and Easter Regatta followed by carnival.”

“So therefore, we are proceeding in terms of preparations for those festivals.”