500 persons to benefit from assistance payment from SVG government

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Five hundred people in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) are set to benefit from an interim assistance payment of $200 per month for nine months.

This assistance benefit is being offered by the government of SVG, through the Ministry of National Mobilization.

The Ministry of National Mobilization informed XtremeFm that this benefit will not be available to those persons who currently receive a pension or public assistance, further noting that people who fall into the categories ‘elderly’; ‘disabled’ or ‘chronically ill’ are given first priority.

The administration said that the 500 persons have been vetted after a waiting period and have gone through the public assistance board.

The ministry informed that funds have been allocated to supply payment for the next nine months. Payments are due to begin next month.

Persons who are interested in benefits can visit the Ministry of National Mobilization (2nd and 3rd floors of the DMG Building on Halifax Street).