COVID-19: CARIFTA Games 2020 cancelled

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The CARIFTA Games 2020 is the latest in a string of events to be cancelled as a result of COVID-19.

The North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC) arrived at that decision during a virtual meeting last Thursday, LoopTT reports.

On Tuesday the Association President Mike Sands issued a statement which outlined a number of factors that contributed to the event being cancelled, chief among them he said was the overall impact on the host country and members of the CARIFTA family.

The release further stated that Bermuda, who has now lost its chance to host the highly anticipated event this year, will instead get the opportunity to host the 49th edition of the junior track and field meet in 2021. Guyana will host the 50th edition the following year.

The NACAC President said: “The executive thought that the aforementioned decision would still mean that Bermuda would host the 49th edition of our CARIFTA games, leaving the door open for Guyana to continue planning to host the 50th anniversary edition but in 2022.”

He said Bermuda is not at fault for the cancellation of this year’s event and should still have the opportunity to make good on its commitment to host the games, albeit one year later.

The 2020 CARIFTA Games were originally scheduled for April 10 to 13 and would have been held in Hamilton, Bermuda.