Vincentian Rum Wins 4 World Rum Awards

Four rums from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, produced by the St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. have this year received awards from the World Rum Awards.

For the Worlds Best Column Still Rum Award, Unaged category, Sunset Very Strong Rum was the Style Winner, while SLR white was the Gold Winner of same category.

In the 6-10 years category, Captain Bligh XO came away as the silver winner.

Sparrow Premium Aged Rum, was also the silver winner in the 5 years and under category.

The World Rum Awards are the global awards selecting the very best in all the international recognized styles, award and promote the world’s best rum to consumers and trade across the globe.

Taste and design were the two broad ways the rums were classified to be judged.

There were six (6) major categories of rums which were judged based on taste.

All of the rums were judged under the World’s Best Column Still Rum category.