Road in Diamond will be an 8ft motorable road – Caesar

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Several communities across St. Vincent have and continue to benefit from footpaths and pathways constructed under the Pedestrian Access for Village Enhancement (PAVE) Project.

One such locality is Diamond, where road work is currently ongoing. Though construction is underway, many residents of the South Central Windward community have expressed distress with the current condition of the road as well as Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency, Hon. Saboto Caesar.

Minister Caesar visited the location on Tuesday (May 12) and posted a photo on his Facebook page with the caption, “Paving the way!!! South Central Windward.” (see photo below)

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Homeowners in the area reached out to XtremeFM’s ‘The WakeUpCall’ on Thursday (May 14) morning, to share their concerns.

One homeowner claimed that when Minister Caesar visited the site earlier this week, the BRC wire mesh was laid on the uncompleted road (seen in above photo), for the purpose of a photo op.

“Saboto came, they put this mesh down to take the photo, then took it back up giving the impression that he’s paving the way,” the WhatsApp message read.

The agricultural minister, called in to the morning programme hosted by with Tha Fugitive and Christal on Thursday (May 14) morning and refuted the claim.

“I am happy that someone raised that, he noted. “As soon as I posted the photo, a contractor from Tortola called me and asked me, “so what is that, how you go put down the thing on bare dirt?”

Minister Caesar explained, “the BRC comes folded up, so they were just stretching it out. If they had another place like a hardcourt where they could have gone to stretch it out. They were making sure all the kinks in the BRC were taken out, then you move it, then you put the base and then you put back on the BRC. So what’s why they said that they removed it.”

Another resident, sharing another concern, expressed that members of a particular area in the community are at a disadvantage because a road leading to their homes is no longer accessible by vehicle. (see photo below shared by resident)

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“We can not drive to our homes. We paid over $15,000 to get our road do, to go up to our home with no help from the government.”

“…We did it out of our pockets and now they’re going to inconvenience us ’cause we have to leave our vehicle by the road side and the road is there.”

The XtremeFM listener noted that the residents had reached out to the government for assistance with the construction of the road and were told by Minister Caesar that “they didn’t have any materials.”

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Facebook photo

The agricultural minister, provided further clarity on the situation, noting that global pandemic COVID-19 presented communication complications.

“What has happened is that there was a breakdown in communication. Because when these projects are done, there’s usually a consultation, with the whole community coming together so that everybody could know exactly what is going on.”

“…Because of COVID-19, you can’t call together groups of persons like you used to before. So we didn’t have the consultation.”

The MP informed that once complete, it will be an 8ft motorable road.

“The road is going to be a motorable road full stop! Four and two is six and two is eight, so it’s going to be 8ft,” he concluded.