Saint Lucia Considering Legislation Against Price Gouging

Saint Lucia is considering legislation against price gouging, as the government stresses its full commitment  to protecting the interest of consumers and rising to the challenges posed by COVID-19, St.LuciaNewsOnline reports.

That’s the word from the Consumer Affairs Department.

The Department says in addition to monitoring price controlled items, price gouging legislation is being considered.

“The Department is appealing to the business community to act responsibly, protect consumers from further harm and avoid price gouging,” says the department’s Information Officer, Merlicia Williams Davy.

Williams-Davy explained that goods such as sugar, rice, flour, cornmeal, cornflakes, oats, milk, the 3.5 oz tuna,  and the 7 oz corned beef are among price controlled items.

“We are appealing to suppliers of price controlled items to ensure they adhere to the provisions of the Distribution and Price of Goods Act No. 35 of 2006,” the Consumer Affairs Department official stated in a department release.

According to Williams-Davy, suppliers should ensure that prices of controlled goods are properly displayed and goods are not sold above the approved prices.

“Of course there should be no hoarding of price controlled goods,” she noted.

Williams-Davy also reminded importers of price controlled goods that prior to the sale of any price controlled good they must submit a price calculation sheet along with all supporting documents to the Consumer Affairs Department for approval of prices.

“Every business engaged in price control goods must keep records of their invoices and these should be made readily available to officers of the Consumer Affairs Department during their monitoring exercise,” she disclosed.