Buju Banton’s ‘Upside Down 2020’ Album To Be Released On June 26

Buju Banton’s highly anticipated album Upside Down 2020 will be released on June 26th, 2020. That’s according to the legendary dancehall singer, who teased a clip from an upcoming music video today on his Twitter account.

The new album, which will be available for pre-order this Friday, had been previously slated for release in April 2020 but was likely pushed back in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hit singles Trust and Steppa, and the recently released song Memories, which was a collab with John Legend, also made it onto the album.

The artist explained why he chose the title of the album in a video teaser last month, saying, “I perceive from what I’ve seen from my emergence as being upside down. In other words, we as people no longer possess things. These things we think we possess, they now possess us”. The deejay said many things are not as they ought to be, and “mankind is in a state of disarray”.

As for why he added “2020” to the official album title, Banton said outside of it representing the year, “2020 has a deeper understanding in my mind. It resonates with a clear vision and seeing things for what it is”, he said.

The other significance is that there will be 20 tracks on the album.

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