Deno Crazy Thanks Govana For Career Boost After ‘Hamants Convo’

Young and upcoming Jamaican comedian Deno Crazy is happy that he was given the chance to boost his already thriving career by appearing on popular dancehall artiste Govana’s “Hamants Convo” series.  Deno appeared as a character called Chris in the deejay’s videos for CONVO part 1 and part 2.

Through a press release, Deno’s team said that the comedian was elated for the opportunity to showcase his talents. “He [Govana] reached out to me because he thought I was the perfect person for the role, and I knew it would have been a great vibe to work with him,” the comedian explained.

HAMANTS Convo, which premiered on YouTube in January, has since gotten close to nine million views, maybe in part to Deno’s antics on set. The video focuses on a telephone conversation between Govana and Deno about sharing a woman, and the intricacies that come along with something like that.

Deno, whose real name is Andre Dixon, already had a big following in Jamaica at the time as his videos were being widely circulated. Still, there’s no doubt his appearance in Govana’s series helped to give him a boost.

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