Tanya Stephens advises women to keep ‘morning after pill’ close by to avoid being mad on Father’s Day

Veteran reggae artiste, Tanya Stephens, shared some practical -yet controversial advice (she is known for that) on how women, in particular, can avoid the deadbeat dad scenario, DancehallMag reports.

Stephens on Father’s Day (June 21) told her following that to avoid the deadbeat daddy scenario women should control their fertility.

While Stephens does not denounce casual sex, she encouraged women to ensure that they had a morning-after pill handy to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

She also endorsed abortion as an option.

“Ladies, please give yourselves permission to have sex just for fun, and just in case there’s a spill keep a morning-after pill handy,” said Stephens.

“Abortions are also an option! Then you won’t have to join the throng of father’s day lamenters, ” added Stephens.

Stephens also shared one of her old posts from almost five-years prior which noted that not all absent fathers were bad dads.

Stephens went on to explain that her father died early.

“Not every father who is absent is a bad father. Mine died when I was 1-year old,” said Stephens.

Handing what could be seen as a lifeline to deadbeats, the artiste noted that irrespective of how people feel about their fathers they should be appreciative as there is someone out there who would happily trade places with them.

“Those of you who have fathers who are still alive and you’re mad at them for whatever reason, just know there is someone over here who would trade places just to be able to know theirs, ” said Stephens.