Fitz Bramble is home and ready to serve

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Dwight Fitzgerald “Fitz” Bramble, East Kingstown Candidate for the main opposition, the New Democratic Party (NDP), is ready to serve the people.

Bramble called in to the WakeUp Call on Monday (July 13) and spoke with Tha Fugitive, sharing that he returned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) from Canada on Sunday (July 12).

“Yes man. I got in yesterday evening,” Bramble confirmed.

The Former national goal keeper and diplomat, was selected to run on the NDP’s ticket back in February. He replaces Member of Parliament for the constituency, Mr. Arnhim Eustace (former Leader of the NDP). It was previously announced on XtremeFM that Eustace will no longer contest general elections.

Bramble, who resides in Saskatchewan, Canada informed that he didn’t want to announce his plans to return to SVG as he “did not know how the flights would go,” noting that persons would be surprised to learn of his arrival.

“Just to inform everybody, I flew in to Barbados from Toronto yesterday (July 12). That was Air Canada’s first flight to Barbados. I came over on Mustique Airways,” he informed.

The politician noted that he went through the necessary protocols upon his arrival at the Argle International Airport (AIA).

“Of course, I had to go through all the protocols for Covid and everything. I brought my negative test results but they still tested me out there.”

Responding to a question about whether he is under quarantine, Bramble said: “I haven’t even seen my mum as yet. That’s how serious I’m taking this thing.”

The former sportsman assured that he is not just in SVG on vacation, but that he is home and ready to serve to people of East Kingstown.

“I’m home… I’m not here for vacation. I ain’t going anywhere any time soon.”

“…I am really happy and excited to be back home, not as a visitor, but to live back home. This occasion is even more exciting for me because of the fact that I am coming home to serve my people again. This is gonna be another opportunity for me to serve the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in addition to the long many years of service that I’ve given in the past and more specifically because I’m getting an opportunity to serve and represent the people of East Kingstown.”

“…This is exciting stuff. I can’t wait to go and meet my people,” Bramble added.

Sharing his political style, Bramble stressed that he does not want to be a part of “ugly politics”.

“This is a simple situation… St. Vincent belongs to all of us. This is St.Vincent and the Grenadines and what ever I can do to continue to uplift my people and uplift country, I will do that. Politics is a part of life, the competitive side of politics sometimes gets ugly… I am not getting into the ugly stuff. So people who try to draw me into that… tell them plan again, cause they ain’t gonna get me into no ugly dirty side.”

“I am dealing with issues which matter to the people of East Kingstown. Win, lose or draw… I am dealing with the issues that matter. I am just gonna deal with the issues I believe can take the country forward. I will be welcoming and open and accommodating to ideas, suggestions, criticism from everybody,” he continued.His initial plans for his constituency are yet to be finalized Bramble revealed, however noting that he has a strong team.

“I still have to get with my team and finalize everything in terms of strategy. We have a very strong team and we have everything in place. But the fact that I’m home now, the dynamics would change a little bit… but I’m ready to rumble.”

Bramble informed that the advancement of technology, allowing for instant communication has afforded him the opportunity to remain in contact with the residents of East Kingstown, even though he emigrated in 2000.

“I have been intimately involved with the people of East Kingstown, the issues, their concerns, things that matter to them, but of course it’d make a big difference when people can see you and feel you and touch you”

“…The advantage that I think I have, not think, the advantage that I know I have in terms of mitigating, is the fact that I am very well known. That would help tremendously in terms of me reconnecting with people, especially some of the younger folks who may have only heard about me. I am an outgoing, outreaching person.”

The Economics professional concluded, “I am who I am, and that has not changed. The only thing that has changed about Fitz Bramble is that I’ve learnt from my mistakes in the past. I’ve learnt from choices which may not have been the best choices. And now you have a much more formidable, refined, mature individual at this point.”

“I appreciate the contribution all Vincentians have made in making me who I am today, and it’s time for me to give back to them.”

Bramble reassured the public that politics will not going to change the person he is.

The general elections in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is expected to take place by the end of this year (2020).