Party affiliation not linked to PRYME success

Political party affiliation does not affect an applicants success in the PRYME programme.

This was made clear by Chairman of the steering committee, Anthony Regisford while speaking on the WakeUpCall on Monday (June 29).

A rumor has developed that supporters of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) are given favourable consideration in receiving PRYME grants, over those who do not support the party.

Regisford dispelling this rumor said, “There’s nothing on the application form that says you must state which political party you support.”

However, there a people in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) who make it publicly known that they do not support the ULP, and so these names may be familiar.

The Chairman, noting that SVG is a small community said, “I accept that… there are people who are vocal about the party that they support and we can’t pretend as if because of their vocal nature, we don’t know who they are… if you’re an activist or if you’re very vocal for one party or the other, we will know.”

He shared that he, as the Chairman of the steering committee does not know the political affiliation of  his colleagues.

“On the steering committee level, I honestly do not know the party colouration of the people that sit on the steering committee… I haven’t got a clue and I’m not interested.”

Regisford concluded that assessment of applications is simply made on merit.

“…It’s certainly not viewed in any bias… not at the steering committee level. The applications are evaluated on the basis of merit.”

(Photo: iwnsvg)