RELEASE: Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cmdr) Deon Henry of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Service became the third (3rd) Vincentian national to graduate from the Prestigious United States Naval War College (US NWC), located in New Port, Rhode Island. The US NWC established in 1884 is the oldest institution of its kind and has graduated more than 50,000 students. Its first International Officers program started in 1956 and presently has over 4,500 international alumni from 137 countries worldwide. Lt Cmdr Henry is a graduate of the US NWC, Naval Staff College (NSC) Class of 2020, NSC is a graduate-level professional development program designed for midcareer officers preparing them for higher positions of command and staff.

NSC is attended by officers between the grades of O3-O5 Lieutenant (Assistant Superintendent of Police) – Commander (Assistant Commissioner of Police). It is an eleven (11) months residential program divided into three Trimesters and conducted primarily in seminars but also include field studies, Capstone Exercises, and comprehensive writing assignments. NSC Class of 2020 was attended by seventy one (71) Officers from fifty-nine (59) countries. Upon successful completion of NSC, international students are awarded an NWC Diploma and a select few are awarded a Masters of Arts in Defense and Strategic Studies Degree.

Lt Cmdr Henry indicated that his time spent on the Naval Staff College Course of 2020 was a humbling and rewarding experience. He further stated that the education obtained and the network built has provided him with opportunities for personal and professional development. The academics offered has enhanced his ability to conduct self-assessment (examine personal strengths and weaknesses), apply critical thinking, and strengthen his character to lead within the complex and dynamic environment of his profession. He also stated that the required written papers and writing styles presented him with opportunities and exposure to build, stimulate innovative thinking, demonstrates critical analysis skills, and independent thoughts at graduate-level writing.

On Wednesday 24th June 2020, Lt Cmdr Henry participated in the U.S. Naval War College first Virtual Graduation Ceremony for 427 students inclusive of NSC students who earned graduate diplomas in the area of National Security, Defense, and Strategic Studies. Retired Commander David Robin is the first Vincentian to graduate from the US NWC in June of 1994 and Superintendent of Police, Benzil Samuel graduated from the US NWC in June of 2018.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John, Commander of SVG Coast Guard Service, Mr. Brenton Cain and the rank and file Officers of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) and the SVG Coast Guard Service congratulates Lieutenant Commander Henry on his outstanding achievement.