5000 jobs by year 2025, Job creation is first on Gibson-Velox’s agenda

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The New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate designate, Laverne Gibson-Velox has asserted that her first port of call would be jobs, should she be elected Member of Parliament for the constituency of East St. George in the upcoming general election.

Speaking with Tha Fugitive and Christal on the WakeUpCall on Thursday (Aug. 6), Gibson-Velox shared that becoming a Politician is more than a job for her, noting that she cares about people.

“I care about people. It’s nothing to do with a job, it’s not for self aggrandizement or anything like that… it’s just that I care about people.”

When asked what the first thing on her agenda would be should she win the seat, Gibson-Velox said: “You mean after I finish crying,” noting that though she is tough, she is also emotional.

“In terms of East St. George, we have to deal with getting the people working. We know that government can not employ anybody.”

Gibson-Velox shared how this will happen. “The NDP has HOPE… Helping Our People Excel. That’s one of the NDP’s priorities… HOPE.”

She shared that the idea is to create 5000 jobs by the year 2025.

The retired Banker shared that the NDP plans to focus on the creative arts industry and skilled professions, noting this as a failure of the education revolution.

“A lot of young people think that under the education revolution, they are entitled to a desk job. That’s a myth. So because of that, the people who have skills are being marginalized because they are being frowned upon. We are a developing country, we need all hands on deck to take us forward.”

Gibson-Velox told the co-hosts that providing job experience opportunities to skilled persons is high on her agenda. She noted this after sharing a conversation she had with a skilled mechanic, who told her that every place he applied to for work, required working experience.

According to Gibson-Velox, this proposed apprenticeship programme “is like the broker between graduation and employment”.

Gibson-Velox was asked, “Of the 5000 jobs projected to be created by 2025, how many would be coming to East St. George?” She responded, “Enough. Especially for vulnerable women. Enough.”

The NDP’s mantra, according to the first time contender, that states one person per household be employed remains in place. “And it is going to happen,” Gibson-Velox asserted.