Bacchus-Baptiste secures foreign investment for Gomea ‘Spa water’ project

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Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate for West St. George has secured an investor to bottle the mineral water from the spring in Gomea, commonly known as “spa water”, a project she previously announced.

Bacchus-Baptiste, speaking on the WakeUpCall on Tuesday (Aug. 11) said, “I  have a donor who is willing to finance the Gomea Spring water.”

According to Bacchus-Baptiste, a survey was done, proving the project to be possible.

“Our spring water… I think it could be among the best and the donor is willing to put up their money to advance the project,” she stated.

Bacchus-Baptiste noted that there will have to be an agreement between the government and the donor, which she informed is a foreign investor. She did not specify from which country, or who the investor may be.

The opposition candidate noted that residents in the constituency may not necessarily welcome the project as it may limit their access to the spring.

“I recognize that there are some persons who have some reservations because they’re worried, “Oh it may be cutting us off and we won’t be able to use it.”

Bacchus-Baptise reassured that “there are two spa’s in the constituency.” She also noted that the project would create employment.

“The idea is to bring jobs, because if you’re going to bottle it, you’re going to bring jobs… We will consult with the people in the area also to see how many jobs will be created as a matter of this.”

The NDP candidate, who is also a Senator for the party, informed that the donor has the market to which the bottled water would be exported, reassuring that this “is not a willy-nilly project.”

Minister of Tourism, Sports & Culture, Hon. Cecil Mc Kie holds the West St. George seat. The Unity Labour Party (ULP) has suggested that Mc Kie will not contest the next election, with retired educator Curtis King taking his place.

General elections are constitutionally due by March 2021.