Dr. Friday expresses condolences to family of Jerry George

Dr. Godwin Friday, President of the opposition, the New Democratic Party (NDP), has expressed his sincerest condolences to the family of the late Jerry George.

George, who was in his 60’s passed away suddenly at his home in Cane Garden on Tuesday August 4, 2020.

Dr. Friday speaking via telephone with the co-hosts the WakeUpCall on Wednesday (Aug. 5) described the news of George’s passing “a shocker.”

According to Friday, George, was “someone that was a central part of Vincentian life for so many years and across the region.”

“He’s been a broadcaster, very vocal. Someone who’s been involved in political life, who has spoken it as he’s seen it… honestly with integrity. When Jerry speaks, whether you agree with him or not at least you respect him.”

“To his wife Valerie and two children and grandchildren, our deepest condolences from myself as a friend of his.”

Friday shared that when he received the news of George’s death from his Public Relations Officer, he asked her to verify as he hoped this was some sort of internet hack.

“I just didn’t want to accept and believe it”.

“It’s very very sad. I feel for the family so much because it’s so sudden. I mean we must always expect these things, I suppose because as they always say in the midst of life there’s death… it’s just a great loss,” Dr. Friday expressed.