“I’m stronger than a lot of people think” – Gibson-Velox

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Laverne Gibson-Velox, recently voted candidate delegate of the New Democratic Party (NDP) for East. George, has expressed that St. Vincent and the Grenadines has unrealized potential.

Gibson-Velox, joined the WakeUpCall on Thursday (Aug. 6) with Tha Fugitive and Christal and shared her vision for the nation.

“My vision is that every citizen works together for the betterment of this country, so that we can all live in peace and harmony, we can all eat and we can all be prosperous and we are able to take care of ourselves and not always have to be dependent on anybody else to give us handouts. When you depend on politicians, you get a sense that they own you.”

Tha Fugitive highlighted to Gibson-Velox that that includes the likes herself.

The retired Bank Manager responded saying: “That’s the thing about it, I want to help people. I am not going to be helping people and throwing it back in their face, that’s not me. I helping them because I want to see them in a better place.”

Gibson-Velox was presented with comments about her personality and her fitness to run against Hon. Camillo Gonsalves for the East St. George seat in the upcoming election.

She asserted: “I’m stronger than a lot of people think. I have come to realize that people’s opinion of me, is not my business. I am not perfect, none of us is perfect, but I am determined to do this, this is not about me… this is about St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

“…This is about starting a trend of fearless women or me joining some fearless women to put myself in the ring and to go forward to build our country. It’s time… This is the time.”