NDP’s Bernard Wyllie speaks on the ‘setback’ of PRYME

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Bernard Wyllie has suggested that one of the ‘setbacks’ of the PRYME programme is the provision of monies to recipients, without accompanying mentorship.

Speaking last Thursday (Aug. 27) on the WakeUpCall, Wyllie said, “It is not a good thing just to give people money on a particular programme, as we’re seeing now, but then you’re not providing mentorship.”

When asked if he was referring to PRYME, Wyllie responded, “definitely, the PRYME.”
PRYME, PROMOTING YOUTH MICRO ENTERPRISES, is a grant programme spearheaded by the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning, Sustainable Development and Information Technology Hon. Camillo Gonsalves that grants up to EC$40,000 to Vincentian business owners between the ages of 18 – 40 years old.
The New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Candidate for Marriaqua explained, “You have to provide mentorship to people so that they’ll know how to use that money carefully and productively.”
Wyllie was asked: “Do you know for certain that none of the successful applicants for PRYME are going to get or have gotten mentorship?”
He responded: “That is one of the setbacks as far as I gather from the PRYME programme right now. Not sufficient emphasis is placed on mentorship.”
The educator concluded, “Under a New Democratic Party administration,  we also want to not only look at agriculture and agricultural expansion. We are saying that too many of our young people are on the block without any skills.”