Sir James Mitchell says no to relations with China

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Founder of the New Democratic Party (NDP) has expressed disagreement regarding diplomatic relations with China.

Sir James Mitchell, speaking on the WakeUpCall with co-hosts Tha Fugitive and Christal on Thursday (Aug. 20), noted that his choice of diplomatic relations “begins with the development of my own philosophy on which I built the New Democratic Party.”

“I am not into socialism. I’m in for maximum development of the private sector and I am for ensuring that people have the strength to enjoy their freedom and that they are not going to be manhandled or disabused and don’t have their rights.”

The NDP, under the leadership of Arnhim Eustace, announced that it would switch diplomatic recognition to China.

Present Leader of the party, Godwin Friday, has repeatedly reaffirmed the NDP’s commitment to ending diplomatic relations with Taiwan, establishing relations with China.

Sir James was reminded of his previous relations with China. China having helped with the construction of a primary school in Bequia during his tenure.

The former Prime Minister deemed that a lesson. “Oh yes. And that was an experience that taught me and Vincentians that we shouldn’t go there,” he expressed.

“When China comes in, they control everything. When they take over, your people don’t get any employment. And we need employment of our people.”

This, according to Mitchell, Africa is beginning to realize.

With regard to Taiwan, Sir James seemingly indicated more tolerance.

“In the US this year… the congress and the senate both passed unanimous resolutions in support of Taiwan. Are we going to ignore that?, he asked.

Tha Fugitive finally questioned, “so if it’s up to Sir James, it’s a big no on China?”

Mitchell’s response: “Correct.”