Biggest failure of ULP is job creation says NDP Public Relations Officer

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The New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Public Relations Officer, Lavern King has stated that the ruling Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) biggest failure during their 19 year tenure is job creation.

“Let me tell you what the biggest failure is, job creation,” King asserted while speaking on the WakeUpCall on Tuesday (Sept. 22).

“Our country was promised that we’re going to get jobs from the ULP, it’s in their manifesto. And here we are today with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) saying to us, listen, you have 46% unemployment among our youth.”

King said when the ULP took office in 2001, the unemployment rate was 20%, adding that it has since increased to 26%.

The PRO declared that the state does not allow person’s to fulfill their potential.

“We need a job creating machinery and objective of mandate in our country and that is what Dr. Friday is promising us. You have 46% of idle hands. People who have done all that state and God could ask of you, you go to study, you be a good civic person, you to school, you learn your skills and yet still it feels as though the state is not enabling you to be your full potential. Those things can be frustrating, that’s why we have people migrating,” King passionately expressed.

Though she admitted that there will always be unemployment, King said that the rate has never dropped under the ULP.

“We have to admit that unemployment has never dropped any one bit under the governance of the ULP. It has never dropped. At least it didn’t remain where they met it, it has increased.”

King was asked: “How much of a responsibility should we put on the government for the rising unemployment in SVG?”

Her response: “Whereas a government may not be able to provide public jobs for every single person, you provide the environment that enables that person’s success, be it through entrepreneurial ventures and so forth.”

“… So when the taxes are too high and when the importation taxes are too high, the custom duties are too high… Imagine you’re trying to start your business and the money you have for investment, it can not reach as far as it can go because we live in a climate where the order of the day is tax.”

On the basis of her online research, King stated that St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ economy has the slowest growth compared to neighbouring OECS countries.

“Grenada is at 2% growth, Antigua is at 3% and St. Vincent is at 0.9%,” she reported.

“It is a fact that we’re doing the worse in the OECS.”

King equated the slow economic growth to poor governance.