Dr. Friday has not been representing the people of the Northern Grenadines – Williams

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Augustus Williams, the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for the Northern Grenadines has said that Member of Parliament for the constituency, Dr. Godwin Friday has not been representing the people.

Dr. Godwin Friday, Leader of opposition, the New Democratic Party (NDP) has been the Member of Parliament for the Northern Grenadines since he was elected in 2001. He will seek a 5th term in this upcoming general election.

Williams, successor of Herman Belmar, while speaking on the WakeUpCall with Christal and Tha Fugitive on Tuesday (Sept. 8) stated, “when it comes to Bequia and the things that are going on in Bequia, the ULP has done an excellent job.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to the NDP, Williams said he is yet to find any record as it relates to performance as the Parliamentary representative.

“But you can’t expect the opposition to be performing, they’re in opposition,” one of the co-hosts commented.

“We have heard this said many times and it is something that I do not accept. I do not believe.”

“…You see the thing is, you are elected to represent people and that representation is whether or not you’re in office. I expect you to represent the people,” Williams continued.

The co-hosts interrogated: “So you’re saying that Dr. Friday has not been representing the people of Northern Grenadines.”

“No no no, he has not been representing the people of the Northern Grenadines,” Williams claimed.

“Opposition or not, I am there to represent the people. So if it means going and calling on your doorstep, sleeping on your doorstop to get an answer on behalf of the people, to get something done on behalf of the people. I do not have any pride. I will knock on every door and get it done.”

Williams agreed with the suggestion that Friday is not adamant. “No, he is not. He will go to parliament and become a show.”

According to the first time candidate, “Belmar represented well. Belmar was not elected and he would have knocked on doors and gotten things done.”

In recent times, St. Vincent Grenadines would have faced drought conditions for which Dr. Friday and Belmar joint forces to distribute water to residents on the island of Bequia.

“It was and hand in hand approach, it was Friday and Belmar at the forefront of that,” Tha Fugitive pointed out.

“Yeah, it was Belamr at the forefront and someone tagging on… sorry to say,” Williams asserted.

He suggested that Dr. Friday should call the requisite persons to address specific concerns and get things done in the constituency.

In response to this, Williams was asked: “So he should call and run them down to do what they ought to be doing in the first place.”

He replied: “That’s representation.”