Dr. Glasgow’s plans for youth of South Leeward begin with education

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Dr. Mineva Glasgow, Candidate for South Leeward on the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) ticket has announced her vision for the constituency.

“My vision for South Leeward is to transform the lives of the people and to help them to develop their full potential.”

While on the WakeUpCall with Christal and Tha Fugitive recently, the former Teacher explained that her plans for the youth begin with education.

“For the youth in South Leeward, one of my main aims for them is to help them to get back into their educational pursuits, which is in keeping with the education revolution that the ULP offers. When you look at what is happening in education, a lot of our young people have benefited from the ULP, under the education revolution.”

“…I know in South Leeward, there are many persons who would have dropped out of school for several reasons and I intend to give them a second chance.”

Dr. Glasgow informed of her very own educational initiative.

“I have started this programme that is called Seeds of Hope, where we are affording young people a chance to get back into their educational pursuits and I’m very big on that” She noted that she has conducted two sessions in Clare Valley.

She shared her plans to facilitate evening classes.

“When I went down to Penniston on one of my first visits, I asked them what they would like to see, they told me that they want to get back into school, evening classes and so on. I said okay, I will facilitate that process.”

“… I myself, I’m a good teacher, if I may say so myself… I think I’m an excellent teacher, good is an understatement,” the former Educator emphasized, noting that she puts students’ interest first. “I plan to organize evening classes, working with Adult and Continuing Education through the Ministry of Education.”

Dr. Glasgow also spoke on agriculture as a means of employment for the youth.

“A lot of people shy away from agriculture, but nothing is wrong with young people getting involved in agriculture.”

She shared that her plans are to provide “seeds and fertilizers and so on to help them to start their backyard garden.”

The South Leeward Candidate explained that her plan is to facilitate a session whereby older farmers can share expertise and encourage the youth interested in the industry.

“No work is dirty. We put meaning to work,” Glasgow expressed.