James clears the air, refutes rumors about him disregarding health protocols (+Audio)

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Carlos James, the Unity Labour Party’s Candidate for North Leeward has refuted suggestions made about him disregarding protocols issued by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment (MOHWE) and/or or traffic regulations issued by the Traffic Department.

In a voice recording that has been circulating on social media, a male was heard saying, “Listen to me, the event on Saturday, don’t follow the restrictions of about twenty persons or so per community.”

“…I expect Fitz Hughes to bring out a larger number than that…. We not limiting the numbers coming from Fitz Hughes.”

The recording continued: “Politics is a very fluid thing eh, meaning that not everything you put in writing you have to directly follow because we are guided by the process and we need to get Fitz Hughes excited”

The male voice has been identified as that of Carlos James.

Many speculations have since been made that James was giving instruction to disregard social distancing protocols issued by the MOHWE.

James called in to the WakeUpCall on XtremeFM this morning (Sept. 9) to refute these speculations.

Speaking with Tha Fugitive, James said, “I just want to clarify a very important thing because I believe that it is my responsibility to bring some clarity to it.”

James advised that the Saturday event he was referring to is a whistle stop, that will traverse the communities of North Leeward.

He indicated that the twenty persons that was mentioned in the recording refers to the total number of attendees that will be allowed on each whistle stop, which will take place throughout eight communities.

James also explained the excitement coming from one particular community, noting that he relaxed the restrictions to accommodate.

“For anybody to twist that to assume that I was referring to health protocols is very disingenuous and irresponsible.”

The Speaker of the House went on to explain the restrictions.

“Again it is not in reference to the health protocols or even the traffic,” James stated.