Prime Minister Gonsalves’ wife has cyst on spine, son has cancer

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The wife of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Eloise as well as his son Adam, are both facing health challenges.

PM Gonsalves disclosed this on NBC Radio this morning (Sept. 9).

He informed that Mrs. Gonsalves has a cyst growing on her spine, which is potentially debilitating, noting that she could end up in a wheelchair.

“Eloise has a cyst growing on her spine. We had known for a few months and we had it investigated. We consulted a neurosurgeon in Cuba, in Trinidad and an American of Indian descent, who is a top neurosurgeon. He works in Boston.”

The PM shared that he is to make arrangements to leave the state for a week, noting that his wife may have to stay longer.

Adam, 38, the younger brother of Finance Minister, Hon. Camillo Gonsalves is suffering from cancer.

“Adam has been struck by debilitating cancer,” Gonsalves shared.

He did not reveal any more details pertaining to his son’s condition.

“I have to be strong for them” – Gonsalves