Royal SVG Police Force Officers receive Sexual Offences training

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RELEASE: After two (2) weeks of intense training, twenty two (22) police officers from different Departments throughout the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force are more capable of thoroughly investigating sexual offences consequent upon the successful completion of a Sexual Offences Training Course held at the Old Montrose Police Training School.

Head of the Sexual Offences Unit, Superintendent Trevor Bailey in delivering welcoming remarks echoed that it is the responsibility of every organization to ensure that its members receive the necessary training that encompasses their duties continually. He noted that in the past most of the training was sourced overseas however; there is less reliance on overseas training because there are competent and capable instructors here in SVG. He stated that such training is evident today with those who are graduating and the recognition of the police high command for the continuous training.

Superintendent Bailey further outlined that the public must have a sense of comfort and the assurance that their reports are being taken seriously and properly investigated in a professional manner. He expressed pleasure with the performance of the participants over the two (2) week period. He encouraged the officers to stay focus and apply what they would have learnt in order to be good investigators.

According to Superintendent Bailey, the training will be beneficial to the force and by extension the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Using a quote from Commissioner John: “if you aim at nothing, you will hit every time,” He advised the graduates to set goals and work towards accomplishing them; and this will in turn make them into better police officers.

In delivering remarks, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John commended the participants for their efforts in making the course a success. He noted that as an organization there is the need for constant training and retooling of police officers to deal with the criminals who are always harnessing their skills without rules to evade the clutches of the police. He lamented that training is paramount to improve and enhance ones skills to ensure that the police are ahead of the criminals.

The Commissioner encouraged the participants to be very comprehensive, attentive and be empathetic to the victims whenever they are dealing with offences of a sexual nature. He highlighted the fact that we are living in an evolving society and for this reason, there is the need to look out for our boys as much as our girls because males are not immune to sexual abuse. He stated that the evidence gathered should be cogent and the proper chain of custody maintained to ensure that the evidence is prosecuted properly in the court. The Commissioner reminded the graduates of confidentiality and said that they were highly recommended for the course.

In conclusion, he stated that there is a cadre of persons available to strengthen the Sexual Offences Unit. He commended the officers presently attached to that department for their continual hard work and dedication to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Commissioner encouraged the graduates to go back to their respective stations and departments and impart the knowledge gained.