Several Schools allowing students to wear long jeans to reduce exposure to Dengue

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As St. Vincent and the Grenadines tackles a dengue outbreak, several schools have taken precautions to protect their students.

The CW Prescod Primary, Kingstown Government and the St. Vincent Boys’ Grammar Schools have all issued online notices to parents/guardians, permitting students to wear long jeans pants to school.

XtremeFM understands that several other schools have also made way for this provision.

The aim of this, is for students to have a form of skin covering to protect from mosquito bites.

Various schools have issued guidelines with relevant specifications of the attire to be worn.

Parents are also advised to provide students with insect repellents.

At a press conference on Tuesday (Sept. 22), Chief Medical Officer, Simone Keizer-Beache said that the recommendation was made to the Ministry of Education, to allow students to wear long clothes to school to decrease their exposure to Dengue Fever.

Please call relevant schools for further information and assistance.