That was a low blow… it was a sexist statement – Dr. Glasgow

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“The reason why women shy away from politics, it is very dirty.”

That was the response given by Dr. Mineva Glasgow, the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) Candidate for South Leeward when asked why women shy away from politics.

Dr. Glasgow, speaking on the WakeUpCall recently, used a situation involving herself as a reference.

“Look for example and I’m using myself. Last week (Aug. 19), I made my first virtual speech and somebody going to say, “I can’t love anybody because I don’t have any seed.”

She was referring to a comment that was allegedly made about her on Facebook.

The Facebook post which is alleged to have been made by former Member of Parliament Monty Roberts, read:

Mini don’t have a seed of her own to love. Can she love people?

The Facebook post was made after Dr. Glasgow’s inaugural speech as the Candidate for South Leeward during the ULP’s first virtual public meeting.

“…That is utter nonsense. That was really a low blow. And from the individual who said it, I could not believe that individual would make such a statement,” a passionate Glasgow said.

“It’s a good thing that the Lord has worked on me because I used to be very short tempered at one point you know.”

Roberts has since denied making the post, claiming that his Facebook account may have been hacked.

Glasgow, a Preacher went on to explain her religious beliefs and decisions.

“…I am a faith based woman and a lot of my decisions are based on my belief in God. I never said I wouldn’t like to have children, I never said that. But the point is, I was not in a position… I was not going to leave the church to go and make a child just to say I have a child, it doesn’t make sense to me. That is not what I believe, that is not my value system.”

She continued, “It was a sexist statement and you don’t tear down somebody. Somebody is trying to make a contribution and that is all you could find to say… that the person can’t love. How you mean they can’t love somebody because they don’t have children. I have had so many children under my care,” Glasgow ardently expressed.”

“…Generally that’s why women stay away because of some of the things, the dirt that they may throw on their head and so on. Men sometimes, they don’t have shame.”

“…So things like that get people turned off and they tend to shy away. But as I said, I know that I had a clean life, a clean upbringing, so I’m not afraid. Anything that anybody says about me is unfounded and not true, so I don’t bother with that.”

“I know what I believe and in whom I believe and that guides me,” Dr. Glasgow concluded.