Worldwide COVID-19 death toll surpasses 1 million cases

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The world’s coronavirus death toll crosses one million, with the US, Brazil and India making up nearly half of the total, according to Johns Hopkins University, BBC reports.

The UN secretary general calls it a “mind-numbing” figure and “an agonising milestone.”

But the number is likely to be much higher as testing rates in many countries remain low, with virus-related deaths not being recorded.

However, a World Health Organization spokeswoman said there was some good news – this virus was “suppressible.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, is killing on average more than 700 people a day in the U.S., which leads the world in both confirmed cases and deaths. With more than seven million confirmed infections since the beginning of the pandemic, the U.S. accounts for nearly a fifth of the more than 33.1 million cases reported globally. More than 205,000 Americans have died.