Edwin Snagg reveals 2020 will be his last election (+Audio)

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The Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) caretaker for the Southern Grenadines, has said that the 2020 general elections in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), will be his last.

Edwin Snagg made the announcement on XtremeFM this morning (Oct. 14).

Speaking with co-hosts Christal and Tha Fugitive, Snagg said, “I personally think that I have given yeoman service in terms of the delivery of projects. Of course there will always be some shortcomings, even in the real world, there is never perfection and there is always the need for you to go a little further and do a little better.”

“During this period of time that might probably be the most painful thing for me because my intention is that after this, I don’t think that my  name will appear on a next ballot paper,” Snagg stated.

He continued, “I think this gone be my last general election. I think that I have given yeoman service, I think that I did my share and I think that I made my contribution to the community as far as I’m concerned.”

General elections in SVG will take place on November 5, 2020. Nomination day is scheduled for October 20, 2020.

Snagg, Director of Grenadines Affairs explained his decision to enter politics.

“The reason why I continue is because I really think that I could make a difference in the upliftment of my people,” Snagg stated.

Asked if he thinks he has achieved that, Snagg responded, “Yes, I think that I have done that. If I walk away tomorrow, or if God should call me from works onto reward tomorrow, I will be quite satisfied.”

“Win, draw or lose, this is my final time,” Snagg concluded.

Edwin Snagg has served in the ULP administration since it was voted into government in 2001.