Leacock says Sutherland is not a threat; “It is statistically impossible for me to lose the seat.”

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First time contender Dominic Sutherland, the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for Central Kingstown, is not a threat, says Major St. Clair Leacock, who joined the WakeUpCall with Christal and Tha Fugitive on Tuesday (Oct. 13).

Leacock, who is seeking a third term said, “Well I don’t call him by name… he’s not a threat.”

When asked why he doesn’t call his opponent by name, Leacock stated, “I am not in the business of promoting people who run against me.”

Speaking about his preparations for the upcoming general election, Leacock shared that he is using his efforts in other constituencies and providing assistance to his colleagues.

“This time around, I have had to look at the big picture and spend a lot more time supporting my other colleagues. I have been into West St. George and East St. George, in their meetings, their walk-abouts and talk-abouts. I’ve done the same thing in South Central Windward with Bruce. I’ve been in all community meetings with my colleague Daniel Cummings – who’s a strong man by himself, with sister Kay Bacchus, with Nature Stephens. I’ve just been out in the Grenadines with Terrance.”

“…In other words, I have asked my constituency to allow me to be off the pedal considerably, to go and assist others so that the emphasis is on forming government, rather than winning my constituency,” Leacock continued.

“So you can find that in terms of the aggression, it is not at the level where it was previously because I have smalled up myself to big up my colleagues.”

Leacock was posed with a comment; “Word on the ground is that Dominic is covering some serious grounds on you Major.”

“Which ground, underground!?,” Leacock exclaimed.

The NDP’s representative won the Central Kingstown seat in the last two elections. In 2010, Leacock received 2,445 votes – winning by 382 votes and in 2015, he received 2,600 votes – winning by 516.

Leacock explained the improvement, “My 2015 improvement over 2010, is a consequence of diligence, hard work, representation and contact with my community.”

“It is statistically impossible for me to lose the seat, even if they thief ’til thy kingdom come,” Leacock confidently declared.

General elections in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be held on Thursday November 5, 2020.