Samsung tablets to be distributed to students by ULP government

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Close to 15,000 8″ Samsung tablets were scheduled to arrive here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) today (Wednesday Oct. 28) via Amerijet. This was announced by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, during his address to the nation at the Independence parade on Tuesday (Oct. 27).

The tablets are being provided by the government of SVG to community college, secondary school and CPEA students for the purpose of e-learning/e-teaching.

“Tomorrow, via Amerijet, close to 15,000 8″ Samsung devices… the tablets, which I had announced in Parliament as part of the Covid package to assist with online teaching and learning, they will arrive,” the PM announced.

He informed that the government already has 3,000 tablets in stock and distribution for those would start on Thursday (Oct. 29).

Distribution for the devices arriving via Amerijet on Wednesday, will begin on Monday (Nov. 2).

“All students at the Community College, all students at secondary school, all students in the CPEA class in the primary school will receive each of them for their own use, a gift of an 8″ Samsung device, the tablet to assist them in their learning. The teachers would also get.”

Primary school students in Grades 5 and below will also benefit.

“We have also ordered a more generic 8″ device, tablet for grade 5 in the primary school downwards. Those would be delivered as they arrive at a later date,” Gonsalves revealed.