Chewalee pens appreciation message to fans

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Soca artiste Chewalee took to Facebook recently to express thanks to his fans and supporters.
The Rum Cheaper Than Woman singer shared that he has never feared any possible risk that may come with an investment in himself.
“I’ve never been afraid to gamble on myself, Self empowerment and development has always been apart of my DNA.”
“…As an entertainer, business owner and Promoter I understand the value of hard work and the risks investing my own coin,” the artiste wrote.
Chewalee won the Ragga Soca Monarch crown for 2016 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with his tune “Rumist”.
“I will continue to work hard, smart and strive for excellence. One day I will fully reap the benefits of all I’ve toiled for, the Facebook post continued.”
Thank you to all the supporters of Chewalee Music, Korner Kick Bar and Grill and Chewalee Productions your support is always cherished and most appreciated, he concluded.