Vincentian Artiste ‘Mason’ secures deal with Fenty Beauty

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Rosik Mason’s determination to run in his own lane is paying off.

The Vincentian artiste and producer have had his music among the tracks fuelling the recent Fenty Skin campaign.

Mason’s song ‘Vybez To Start It” has been used in some of the Fenty Skin promotional videos including one featuring Lil Nas X.

The 26-year-old told Loop News he released the soca track in 2019 and it was one of the songs he shopped around for licensing via various websites that do placements of songs for various projects.

He said a woman contacted him sometime after and said they were interested in using his song. He sent them his IP number and a couple of months later they contacted him with a contract for the official licensing. It was then he realised who the song was for but still he was in disbelief.

“After a while, time was going by and I said nah I have to double-check this because I didn’t think it was real but I researched and it was legit. And then the campaign comes out and someone tagged me in something randomly on Instagram. I went on and saw Lil Nas X doing the ad with the song in the background and I say oh shit this is for real and then a week passes by and another campaign comes out with the song in it. So far there are three or four videos,” he said, noting that the terms of the contract allow them to use the song repeatedly.

In addition to an upfront payment, Mason, who is an independent artiste, gets 80 percent of the royalties from the song.

He said the same song, which ironically not one of his favourites, has also been shortlisted for other projects.

The placement of his song in the Fenty Skin campaign is validation for the singer who has been determined to build his career in a different way from others in St Vincent.