Vincentian Artiste Mason to release 10 track album ‘Crix N Milk’

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Vincentian artiste Rosik Mason has a lot to be thankful for.

Following his recent business deals with Fenty Skin and Digicel, Mason is gearing up to release his first EP.

The Union Island native shared that he was able to access these deals as he owns the masters and publishing of his songs.

Speaking on Highway 104 Wednesday afternoon with Gary ‘Icon’ John, Mason revealed that the upcoming album will be a 10-14 track project.

“We dropping a album, the name of the album is Crix n Milk, in case you haven’t noticed, there is already a single out called Crix and Milk,” the artiste revealed.

The title track as well as Holahday, his most recent project – a collaboration with Stadic, will be featured on the album. The artiste also shared that collaborations with Rodney Small and Dymez and DaPixel will be a part of the EP.

Speaking of the collaboration with the acts, Mason said, “I have a project coming up with Dymez and DaPixel and Rodney Small, that’s going to be another one on the album as well. When it drop, I know that one’s gonna surprise everybody, when it drop you going understand why I say that, but is a fire fire fire track.”

The album is set for a January 8, 2021 release date.

Asked about accompanying videos to his songs, Mason said, “You will see visuals coming soon,” noting that there a multiple reasons why he does not incorporate visuals with the releases of his songs.

Mason shared that Holahday has a video that would be released soon.

“One of the most important things that you would find in this life, in any career that you would ever do is finding a team. When you ain’t have a team, you’re just drifting. You might have the most brilliant idea, but if you don’t have a team together it will not get executed,” Mason expressed.