Her Majesty’s Prisons cancels all visits to prisoners

Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP) wishes to advise that in keeping with the recent upsurge in Covid-19 infections, the following steps have been taken to safeguard the prison environment.

  • ALL visits to inmates have been cancelled until further notice; however, persons are allowed to drop off clothing, money and other authorised articles for inmates.
  • All visitors are to utilize the sanitizing facility stationed at the prison entrance before entry.
  • Civilian traffic on the prison compound is limited and only persons conducting business with the prisons would be allowed on the compound.
  • ALL persons entering the prison compound MUST wear a face mask (including Police Officers)
  • ALL Prison Officers are to wear face masks while on duty, and are encouraged to wear them off duty also.
  • No more than three persons at a time would be allowed to sit in the waiting area.
  • No work parties would go outside the prison compound except those that work for the police.
  • Inmates who go out to work with the police are to wear face masks.
  • Inmates going to court are to wear face masks.