T&T: Thousands sign petition demanding death penalty for Andrea’s case

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Over 5,000 persons have signed a petition asking for the death penalty for those involved in the disappearance of 23-year-old Andrea Bharatt, LoopTT reports.

Launched by Adrian Vidale, the petition said: “We have to make an example of these men. It must be know[n] that if you touch one of our women you will die.”

Bharatt, who worked as a clerk at the Arima Magistrates’ Court, boarded a taxi with a co-worker on January 29. Her friend disembarked at her address but Bharatt never made it home. Her body was later found off a precipice at the Heights of Aripo on February 4, sparking national outrage.

The young woman’s disappearance was ruled a kidnapping after her dad called her cellphone and spoke to a male suspect who allegedly demanded an unspecified amount of money for her safe return.

Cops arrested at least seven individuals in connection with the incident.

One of the detained, Andrew Morris, died in custody. Another was said to be in the Intensive Care Unit while two others were released.

Loop News contacted Minister of National Security, Stuart Young, on the online petition.

He simply said: “The death penalty remains the mandatory sentence for murder according to the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.”

As a matter of fact, the death penalty still exists in Trinidad and Tobago. However, the last state execution took place in 1999.