Vincy Heat begins training for Concacaf Qualifiers

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RELEASE – A twenty-three (23) man list of locally based players were called up for training as Vincy Heat prepares to compete in the upcoming Group C Concacaf Qualifiers for the World Cup 2022.

1. Erel Hector Avenues united
2. Josh Stowe Bequia united Fc (Future development)
3. Jeoval Morgan U17/Bequia united FC (Future development)
4. Mark Browne Bequia united FC
5. Marlon Simmons Bequia united FC
6. Nigel Charles Camdonia Chelsea (Future development)
7. Dwaine Sandy Glenside Ballblazers
8. Terrason Joseph Jebelle FC
9. Zidame Sam Jebelle Fc
10. Orion Velox U17/Layou Fc (Future development)
11. Jadiel Chance North Leeward predators
12. Khalique Bowens U17/North Leeward predators (Future development)
13. Curtlon Williams North Leeward predators
14. Derron Hamlet BESCO Pastures
15. Java Audain BESCO Pastures
16. Jomal Yorke Sion Hill FC
17. Kizani Haynes System 3
18. Garwin David System 3 (Future development)
19. Javid Sutherland System 3
20. Kishawn Johnny System 3
21. Azinhno Solomon System 3
22. Ted Roberts System 3
23. Renson Sayers U17/System (Future development)


Vincy Heat is set to play their first match against Curacao on the 25th March with the return leg set for the 31st March against the British Virgin Islands. The second set of matches will take place in June 2021.

The Group is made up of Cuba, BVI, Curacao, Guatemala and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.