Following the emergency declaration and EVACUATION ORDER yesterday afternoon (08/04/2021), there was an initial “run’ on the CWSA’s systems as domestic consumers went about rapidly filling up home storage containers.

This activity came at a point in the usage/replenishment cycle when the CWSA’s tanks were at their lowest point and resulted in water supply disruptions in a few areas where the storage tanks went VERY low.

This was compounded in Diamond, Brighton, Belvedere areas where there was a

SCHEDULED water outage for EMERGENCY pipeline repairs.

WATER STORAGE ADVISORIES were given by the CWSA on the 31st MARCH, 6th APRIL and yesterday on the 8th APRIL, 2021 and will continue to be given.


  •  Because of the evacuation of thousands of residents from the red and orange zones, there will be a significant increase in water demand and use in the yellow and green This means that there will NOW be an increased strain on the water systems in the yellow and green, including the Montreal, Majorca, Dalaway, Mamoon, Layou and Hermitage systems.
  • Going forward, some residents in the green zone WILL experience daily interruptions in their water
  • Because of the uncertainty of the initial numbers and distribution of evacuees, there is likely to be unscheduled water interruptions. CWSA will endeavour to improve this scheduling as time
  • Consumers are required to activate a private system of daily storage, use and replenishment in their homes, allowing for 10 gallon per person per
  • Consumers are also required to visit the CWSA Facebook page and listen to local radio stations and NEMO for regular updates.