Ed Sheeran, Ishawna Are Teaming Up For A New Dancehall Song

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Less than a month after Ed Sheeran confessed that he was smitten with Ishawna’s Equal Rights, a remix of his hit Dancehall-infused pop song Shape of You, the Dancehall diva has revealed that they have collaborated on an upcoming track.

Ishawna’s Equal Rights remix was released in 2017, after Sheeran’s Shape Of You peaked at No. 1 on the singles charts of 34 countries, including the US Billboard Hot 100.  Shape Of You, with its one-drop Reggae/Dancehall riddim, went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2018, and is currently RIAA certified Diamond in the US.

Ishawna’s announcement came after the British pop star, in an interview with the Halfcast Podcast, mentioned that they had been working together.  The interview was, according to Sheeran, aimed at discussing “everything over the last 15 years” of his career.

During the portion of the discussion which was shared by Ishawna, Sheeran stated that they were doing some work together which would see him deejaying, as she had urged, and that she actually taught him to sing in Patois.

On Tuesday Ishawna got a huge commendation From Downsound producer Cordell Skatta Burrell, who unlike most of the men in the music industry had supported her Equal Rights song from day one.

Upon learning of Sheeran being enraptured with the lyrics of Equal Rights, Ishawna had taken to Instagram to give a background as to how it came into being.

She has also pointed out that back then, she did not have clearance to use the beat of Sheeran’s song and as a consequence released the track on a modified version to avoid any copyright issues.  She also noted that the song achieved success without a big budget nor fake views or streams.