Jada Kingdom Comes Out As A Lesbian, Says Mom Knew All Along

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Dancehall songstress Jada Kingdom has said that she is a lesbian. On Monday, November 16, Kingdom made the revelation that she recently mustered up the courage to come out to her mother.  To her surprise, Kingdom says that her mother was not shocked but instead told her that she had known all along.

The Jungle singer also shared that she was “outed” by a schoolmate, for who she had harsh words. “There was a bitter girl in high school that outed me because I didn’t like her…if you’re reading this, I still don’t like you smelly,” she added.

However, it turns out that like Kingdom’s mom, her fans were not surprised about learning of her sexual orientation. Though most felt that she was bisexual and not necessarily a “full-on lesbian”.

She encouraged others to “live your life for you” since “we’re all going to die regardless”.

In 2020, Kingdom went public with her relationship with American music producer and songwriter, Verse Simmonds. At the time Kingdom said she and Verse had been dating for a year and two months, prior to going public.