Skarpyon has been singing all his life and has carved a niche for himself on the Ragga Soca scene. His first major public performance was at the Junior Calypso competition in 1990 in which he was awarded the 5th position but followed up the following year in the 3rd position. In 1993, he joined the National Youth Band as a lead vocalist developing his skills as an Entertainer. In 2003 Skarpyon composed “Heat It Up” for a family member for the Junior Soca Monarch competition in which the young man Hance won the title.

In 2004, Skarpyon composed and performed “On Fire” competing in the Ragga Soca competition, and walked away with the Monarchy.

In 2005 “Lookin Fine” yet another hit from Skarpyon, along with the video this song is definitely a lady’s favorite.
In 2006 Skarpyon released “Turn The Lights Down Low”, “Leave Me Alone” and “Carnival Song”. “Leave Me alone” a Ragga Soca track sang by Skarpyon and Jamesy P took the Road March title of St.Vincent and the Grenadines Vincy Mas. Skarpyon entered the Soca Monarch competition for the first time with “Carnival Song” and took the 2nd position. Also in 2006 with “Lookin Fine” Skarpyon was nominated for Best New Male Artist and Best Collaboration.

In 2007 Skarpyon entered the Calypso competition and made it through to the Finals (The Big Yard) for the very first time with the songs “I’m Concerned and The Journey”. Also in 2007 “Leave Me Alone” was nominated for two awards, Soca Song of the year and Best Groovy Song and Skarpyon won The Best Groovy Song Award. It doesn’t stop there. “Turn The Lights Down Low” was signed by VP records and made it on their 2007 Soca CD “D’Soca Zone 7th Flag”. This track also touched the Urban Life R&B top 85 chart landing in the 6th position. “Turn The Lights Down Low” went on to be a huge hit through-out the Caribbean and North America.

In 2008 Skarpyon, still producing high-quality International music released “Forever”; with which he placed 2nd in the annual Ragga Soca competition.

In 2009 He released “Soca Love”; and was awarded the 3rd position in the Ragga Soca competition.

In 2010 Skarpyon released another crowd favorite “Ragga Muffin” and went on to win The New Song Competition.

In 2011 Skarpyon created history in St Vincent and the Grenadines by being the first Artiste to compete in all four finals of the Vincy Mas Carnival in one year. (New Song, Calypso Final, Ragga Soca Monarch and Soca Monarch). As a result Skarpyon was victorious in three (3) out of the four (4) competitions. (New Song winner, Ragga Soca winner and 2nd place in The Calypso competition).

At the Annual Award Ceremony for the 2011 Vincy Mas celebration Skarpyon was awarded the most trophies. He received (3) trophies for the respectable completion in which he placed in addition to a special award from the former Minister of Tourism ‘Mama Culture’ The honorable Rene Baptiste for Best Performer for 2011.

In 2012 Skarpyon was at it again producing hit songs. This year he decided to give the people a new flavor and came up with “Wine’N” where he voiced the song as one of his favorite artist Buju. With that song Skarpyon placed 2nd in the Vincy Mas 2012 New song competition and also 2nd in the Ragga Soca Monarch competition. Skarpyon entered the Soca New song competition for the first and placed 2nd with the song “Jump and Wave.”

She Aint Get It Yet, Hammer N Conchs, Ready, Waistline, Feet Parade all 2013 releases from the Stingah Man himself. Skarpyon also has entered the Calypso arena with his song ‘Until’ and is presently working on song #2 with high hopes of making it into “the big yard”. Skarpyon is in high spirits as he too is preparing for the National Ragga Soca competition.

Vincy Mas 2013 proved to be a very successful year for Skarpyon he was awarded the second position in the Ragga Soca competition and Skarpyon is now the reigning National Calypso Monarch of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Skarpyon a true artist creating his own style of music by fusing genres often time called ‘The Crossover King’ by his peers. Skarpyon gives all the credit to the Almighty for his many talents.

Skarpyon – the Singer, Songwriter, Composer and remarkable Entertainer with a heart-strong mission of earning Calypso, Soca and Ragga Soca its rightful place in the history of world music.