George Rodrigues


NAME: Christal Oliver BIRTHDAY: October 8th SIGN: Peace! Just kidding… Libra. HOMETOWN: Glen SHIFT TIMES – The Wake Up Call: Monday – Thursday: 6am – 10am Friday – 6am –… Read More »Christal

Deejay Flip

NAME: Codrian Simmons BIRTHDAY: March 21st SIGN:  Aries HOMETOWN: Chateaubelair SOCIAL MEDIA DETAILS: Facebook: Codrian Simmons Instagram: @realdjflipABOUT ME:  DJ Flip born Codrian Simmons, is a talented sportsman and a… Read More »Deejay Flip

Deejay Hosea

NAME: Hosea ‘DJ Hosea’ Toney BIRTHDAY: September 13th SIGN: Virgo HOMETOWN: Richland Park SHIFT TIMES: Monday – Thursday: 6am- 10am Friday: 6am – 9am Sunday: 12pm -3pm SOCIAL MEDIA… Read More »Deejay Hosea

Deejay Kal

NAME: Kalique ‘DJ Kal’ Sutherland BIRTHDAY: March 30th 1990 SIGN: Aries HOMETOWN: Park Hill SHIFT TIMES: Monday – Thursday: 4pm – 7pm Friday: 3pm – 6pm Saturdays: 6pm – 9pm… Read More »Deejay Kal

Deejay Kano

Name: Rohan ‘DJ Kano’ Cornwall Birthday: November 13th Sign: Scorpio Hometown: Murrays Village/ Green Hill Shift Time: Monday – Thursday: 1pm – 4pm Saturday: 6am – 9am Sundays: 9pm… Read More »Deejay Kano

Deejay Kronick

NAME: Kevin “DJ Kronick” Peters BIRTHDAY: 21st October SIGN: Libra HOMETOWN: Richland Park SHIFT TIMES: Fridays: 12pm – 3pm Saturdays: 9pm – 12am Full-time role: Production Assistant (Mon-Fri) SOCIAL MEDIA… Read More »Deejay Kronick

Deejay Lano

NAME: Delano J. Da Silva BIRTHDAY: 30th April, 1990 SIGN: Taurus HOMETOWN: Belvedere SHIFT TIMES: Monday – Thursday: 7pm  – 10pm Fridays:  9pm – 12am Saturdays:  9pm-12am… Read More »Deejay Lano

Deejay Q

NAME: QUILLAN “DJ Q” TASH BIRTHDAY: 12th AUGUST SIGN: LEO HOMETOWN: BRIGHTON VILLAGE SHIFT TIMES: Monday – Friday: 10am – 1pm Fridays: 9pm – 12pm Saturday: 9am – 12pm… Read More »Deejay Q

Deejay Snypa

NAME: Desron ‘Snypa’ Lewis BIRTHDAY: November 28th 1996 SIGN: Sagittarius HOMETOWN: Mesopotamia SHIFT TIMES: Monday – Thursday: 10pm – 12am Fridays: 6pm – 9pm Saturdays: 9pm – 12am SOCIAL MEDIA… Read More »Deejay Snypa