Claydon Ferris Peter Roache known by the moniker Dymez is no ordinary young man, but

presumably that is exactly how these types of things usually begin. He was born with a passion

for music that no one would ever know existed until the age of ten. A shy adolescent growing

into confidence, his held captive creative expression began to unleash. A budding artistic jack of

all trades as he is normally referred to, was born to parents Ferosa and Cleotus Roache in 1990

on June 22 and resides in the village of Calder Ridge.

Being born in this tiny yet beautiful Caribbean island of St. Vincent is not exactly one where

opportunities for young artistes come knocking at your door. Opportunities for growth and

achievement in the music industry as a new artiste have to be sought out; essentially you have to

want it bad enough. Dymez used experiences and avenues such as talent searches, singing

competitions, local shows and collaborative efforts to not only network with others in the music

field, but to grow and make his dreams a reality. There is a quote from Paulo Coelho’s book ‘The

Alchemist’ which says “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to

achieve it.” Wanting it bad enough was half the step and when things started to align; everything

began falling into place and now Dymez wears many hats from artiste to graphic designer, song

writer and studio manager just to name a few.

Dymez chooses to take his work seriously, and many have testified that he would continuously

listen to beats for hours just to get the right feeling and vibe for the music and lyrics to merge

into the ideal combination. In this industry, motivation and inspiration is just as important as the

God given talent. He drew his inspiration from artistes like Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Icon and

Assassin just to name a few. Through these inspirations you can see and feel the Dub/Reggae

fusion coming out from his own melodies and delivery.

Creating a name for himself in the music industry would prove to be difficult, but as his love and

appreciation for the music runs as deep as a well, he will continue to grow in it successfully. In

an effort to grow in experience he has worked with the following: MXG of Island Shak

Entertainment, D Fresh of Megga Watts Production , Alex Barnwell of Kubiyashi Production,

Lester Iroha of 4th Dimension Production, daPixel of Island Shak Entertainment, each of which

are other booming artistes and producers within St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Dymez is currently also a prominent member of Island Shak Entertainment and also ½ of the

group Intaception.

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