This slender, towering entertainer with a warm personality certainly knows how to keep his fans happy with his enthusiastic performances and wildly contagious music.

LutaVincentian Rondy Mc Intosh, popularly known as “Luta” hails from the small town of Calliaqua. Since his debut hit “Busy Tone”, he has gained local, regional and international recognition in the entertainment arena. Rondy got his sobriquet “Luta” from a preacher at the tender age of 9 after his sterling performance at a church concert. Although he became a public figure when he became a leading vocalist in “Signal”, one of St Vincent and the Grenadines top musical bands, his love for stage performance started in primary school. In 1988/89 he won 1st runner up in the National Reggae Festival.

In November 1994, Luta became the lead vocalist in the popular Vincentian band “Signal”. He was to be the dub master of the band. Here, he recorded the raga-soca song, “West Indian Girls”, on their first album.

The following year, his social commentary “Police Brutality” with Signal Station Renegade Calypso Tent won the hearts of his faithful audience. Subsequently, Luta’s main focus became soca, a transition that was easily and successfully made to the extent that he is now one of St Vincent and the Grenadines most popular and loved soca icons and songwriter. With his alluring and charismatic personality and energetic and electrifying performances, he has been dubbed “D Crowd Motivator” by his audiences at home and aboard.

Since he made his raga-soca to soca transition, Luta has always been a finalist in St Vincent and the Grenadines Soca Monarch   competition. From its inception in 1996, he has always been in a top position for four (4) consecutive years. In a National Ragga-soca Competition held in 2001, he was awarded 3rd place.

In 2003, the Lime Accounts Executive began his solo career with his popular, appropriately named and well received album “Busy Tone” featuring his riveting single “Busy Tone”.   This dual-meaning song captured the hearts of his audience locally and internationally and was especially popular among his female audience. The following year, this track won its way onto VP Record’s Soca Gold.

He has toured extensively in the Caribbean, North America and London. Additionally, he has performed along side Caribbean soca icons like Machel Montano and Xtatic, Roy Cape & the Kaiso Allstars, Alison Hinds & Square One, Ronnie Mc Intosh & Blue Ventures, Burning Flames, Traffic, Atlantic and Krosfyah. Musical icons such as Lieutenant, Stitchie, Nina Man, Tiger and Shabba have influenced his music.

Currently, the energetic and vibrant performer is a member of Vincy Soca Dans, with members such as the popular Fireman Hooper, DJ Q, Hance John and Shaunelle McKenzie. Along with his energetic performances, he has written two of Tabia’s hits, “Feelin It” and “Meat of the Matter”.   When he is not gyrating across the stage and entertaining his eager audience, Luta can be found performing his Accounts Executive duties at Lime. He holds a Diploma in Sales Management and Marketing.

The Soca Dan member wishes to express his sincere gratitude and appreciation to his family, friends and fans for their continued support. He is also appreciative of his critics whose constructive criticisms have helped in the development of his career as an artiste. He hopes to continue to strive to be the best locally, regionally and internationally.